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In 2014, the fertilizer blending tower was replaced and is now capable of blending 1000+ MT per day. The tower holds 450-500 MT in separate bins, including micros and shipping bins. The tower was designed to accommodate a second blender when additional production demands are required.

The blending tower is automated with the ability to coat the fertilizer with FertiCare products from NutriAg for even distribution of micronutrients. We are also equipped to apply a Nitrogen stabilizer, Anvol, to Urea to help reduce nitrogen loss.

The original fertilizer warehouse that held 2000 MT was replaced in 2016 with the current warehouse, which stores approximately 6000 MT. This new warehouse has in-floor heating to maintain the quality of the fertilizer.

We have 37 fertilizer spreaders available for customers to rent and spread their own dry fertilizer blends. We add new spreaders every year and they have a 40’ or 50’ spread pattern.

Dry Fertilizer

We have a large selection of dry fertilizers to create a blend customized for your specific field and crop. They range from our standard products to premium fertilizers that combine secondary and micro nutrients right in the same granule.

AS – 21-0-0-24S

Ammonium sulphate is great product to get both nitrogen and sulphur into a blend. This fertilizer was one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers and has been around for over 150 years and was originally made as a byproduct of coal production.

MAP – 11-52-0

MAP contains the most phosphorus of any common solid fertilizer. Phosphorus is key in root development and healthy sustained growth of the plant.

Potash – 0-0-60

Our most common source for potassium, Muriate of Potash is mined in Central Canada and the northern US. Potassium is essential for proper plant growth and adequate levels in the soil also contribute to water use efficiency and pest resistance!

Urea – 46-0-0

Urea is the most common Nitrogen fertilizer that we use. It is made by reacting CO2 with Ammonia. Nitrogen is a key driver in proper plant development and high yield.

MESZ – 12-40-0-10S-1Zn

MicroEssentials SZ is a premium fertilizer from Mosaic that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and zinc, all fused into one nutritionally balanced granule, promoting uniform nutrient distribution, improved nutrient uptake and increased yield. Sulphur and zinc are key nutrients for the proper growth and development of plants, especially corn and wheat!

K-Mag – 0-0-21.5-10.5Mg-21S

K-Mag® from Mosaic is a naturally occurring mineral that has a unique 3-in-1 nutrient source that features low chloride, water soluble nutrients, and does not affect soil pH; regardless of rate. Soluble magnesium (Mg) has been documented to improve photosynthesis, enzyme activation, and grain yield.

Aspire – 0-0-58-0.5B

Micronutrients such as Boron are essential for plant growth. Aspire from Mosaic combines Potassium and Boron to give Boron in each granule. As Boron can be toxic to plants in too high of dose this uniform distribution allows for lower rates of overall Boron and each plant gets the amount it needs.

Amidas – 40-0-0-5.5S

Amidas from Yara combines nitrogen with sulphur. Plants need nutrients in balance to be effectively absorbed and this product supplies Nitrogen and Sulphur in a synergistic, homogenous prill that is key in allowing a growing plant to reach its full potential. This product is a great option for second application in corn and wheat.

PurYield – 45-0-0

This polymer coated urea allows for the slow release of Nitrogen, protecting it in the first few weeks of the growing season when conditions are most prone to Nitrogen loss. It also allows for higher rates to be placed in zones or bands as the polymer coating will protect the seed from germination damage due to nitrates. This is also a great option for when the fertilizer is sitting on top of the soil.

Micro and Secondary Nutrients

These nutrients are all available for customized dry blends and are available upon request.

Tiger-Sul 90%

Specifically formulated Tiger 90CR Sulphur fertilizer (0-0-0-90) is designed to quickly degrade, disperse and convert to sulphate throughout the growing season. Research shows that Tiger 90CR Sulphur converts to sulphate faster than other forms of elemental Sulphur for season-long nutrition and high yields. Yearly applications of Tiger 90CR will improve soil Sulphur levels and loss associated with soluble nutrients. (Tiger-Sul 2021).

Zinc Sulphate 35.5%

Zinc is an essential micronutrient that is an important enzyme that drives many metabolic reactions and is key in chlorophyll formation. Zinc is one of the first micronutrients to address when looking at developing a fertility plan for corn and edible beans that goes beyond N, P & K. An excess of phosphorus in the soil can create a zinc deficiency so it is important to keep nutrients in balance in the soil.


Boron 10% is ideal for blending mixed fertilizers for soil application. Boron is especially important in alfalfa but is proven to provide benefits in other field crops as well. Boron 10% is a product containing both calcium and sodium borate. Sodium borate is highly water soluble and calcium borate is less soluble for extended availability.

Manganese Sulphate 32%

Manganese is essential for proper plant development and photosynthesis. Manganese also improves a plants stress tolerance from soil-borne pathogens or herbicides.

Copper Sulphate

Copper is an essential nutrient. If you want it, we’ve got it.


Zinc and Boron can also be added to dry fertilizer through NutriAg’s FertiCare lineup of products. Hoegy’s new fertilizer tower is set up to accurately measure and blend these liquid products onto any dry blend. Crops need complete nutrition right from the get-go. Growers don’t have to wait to give crops the nutrients they need for strong emergence and establishment. FertiCare® is a new line of liquid micronutrient coating products that uniformly and effectively coat granular fertilizer.

These products coat every single granule with the perfect combination of micronutrients, putting crops closer to essential nutrition and promoting more even distribution across the field. The result is earlier root growth, more even establishment and ultimately, higher yield potential. (NutriAg 2021).

Hoegy’s carries FertiCare Zinc and FertiCare Boron.

Liquid Fertilizer

Whether you are looking for UAN as your nitrogen source or a ‘pop up’ or liquid starter we have you covered. Our new onsite storage ensures we have the product in place when you need it or call us to get a quote on truckload delivery to your on farm storage. We can blend onsite, adding ATS to your UAN or other nutrients to your starter fertilizer for pick up or delivery.

28% UAN & 32% UAN

28% UAN & 32% UAN Urea-ammonium nitrate. Safe to handle, convenient to mix with herbicides and secondary or micronutrients and easy to apply. This is an excellent nitrogen fertilizer that can be utilized in the spring or later in corn to side dress. UAN has 3 forms of Nitrogen making it an excellent choice on wheat as the Nitrogen is immediately available to the growing crop. Sulphur is now known to be essential on a wheat crop and ATS – 12-0-0-26S (ammonium thiosulphate) is almost always added to UAN in the spring. Widely proven to provide greener, healthier and higher yielding wheat.

Starter Fertilizer

6-24-6 our most common liquid starter fertilizer provides nutrients right at the seed to help with root absorption and development when the plant is still very small and in cooler temperatures (slower growth) of early spring. This product has a low salt index and will show yield benefits especially in fields with low testing Phosphorus. 10-34-0 is another option for starter fertilizer that is giving you a slightly higher rate of phosphorus but without the potassium.

Micro and Secondary Nutrients

Our liquid fertilizer can have Micronutrient and Secondary Nutrients added with the following products.

Terradrive – The Terra Line are liquid soil-applied fertilizers that are used to optimize nutrient availability at planting or at side dressing. TerraDrive is a new and unique micronutrient fertilizer that enhances root growth and development. NutriAg’s unique Plant Growth Enhancer™ (PGE) technology is formulated with plant growth stimulants to optimize overall crop development. The exceptional technology in TerraDrive makes it highly effective as both a foliar fertilizer and as an additive to most liquid starter fertilizers, side dresses, or transplant water solutions. (NutriAg 2021).

Zinc – E-Zinc 9% from NutriAg is a fully chelated zinc source using EDTA, that can be added to in-furrow starters at 1-2L/ac.

Nitrogen Stabilizers

Nitrogen loss can be significant in early spring. Moisture and warmer temperatures accelerate losses through volatilization when nitrogen is left on the surface of the soil. Once fertilizer is worked in, saturated soils will cause nitrogen loss through denitrification and leaching. These losses can be minimized by using a nitrogen stabilizer, keeping nitrogen in the soil for longer. Less nitrogen loss means more nitrogen is available later in the growing season resulting in improved yields and protein. Hoegy’s carries the following Nitrogen Stabilizers.

ANVOL & TRIBUNE from KOCH – ANVOL is a long-lasting urease inhibitor for urea to minimize volatilization loss. TRIBUNE is a dual inhibitor stabilizer for UAN to minimize all 3 forms of nitrogen loss.

eNtrench From Corteva Agriscience – This soil applied Nitrogen stabilizer slows the conversion of ammonium to nitrates, reducing leaching and denitrification in early spring when the conditions are conducive to loss. One rate that can be tank mixed with your UAN or liquid manure. It can also be tank mixed with some herbicides or applied along with our dry fertilizer through our wet dry units.
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